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"If You Read Nothing Else, Be Sure To Read This... You Can Cure Your Fear of Flying In Minutes!"

From: Jason Jones



Dear Fear of Flying Sufferer,

y name is Jason Jones and I am a certified/licensed commercial airline pilot. I currently work as a flight instructor and have helped many students overcome their fear of much that they learned they really loved flying and have become pilots themselves!

So why am I talking to you today?

Because you have a fear of flying and you are seeking help. I can help you overcome your fear of flying.

You're about to learn a cold hard truth. But I'll make you a promise - stick with it, hear me out... And I guarantee you'll be glad you did.

By the time you're read this page you will have a whole new world in front of you.

Your Fear of Flying... Well It's Enough to Make You Crazy!"

You will have an exciting and beautiful world, where you are not afraid to be adventurous and will seek out new travels and places that are waiting for you to discover right now! Or maybe you just want to visit and see the'll be able to do that too, no matter how far away they live!

Are you ready?

You are not alone...not at all.

You may be the one out of every 3 people that are afraid of flying.

I bet you did not know that, did you? Most people don't.

It's a fact...

Your fear of being afraid to fly is more common than most people think!

"Your Fear of Flying...
is a problem you want to overcome, don't you?

Do you remember the first time you felt afraid of flying?

Maybe this was when you heard of a bad crash on the news or read it in a

The bad news and disastrous events around the world have set everybody on edge...
not just you. Many people have stopped flying because they are afraid. They worry and have terrible fears when imagining what disasters could happen if they fly. And since 9ll, even more Americans are afraid of flying...even people in other countries were hit hard with the new fears that surged after 9ll.

Because of these terrorist attacks airport security has been enhanced, airport evacuation plans have been revised and armed personal have been added.
All over the world, airport and airline security has been beefed up. It takes you longer
to go through the security check-ins now at the airports...but that is good and helps protect all of us and ensures our safely too.

Even news of the increased security and maintenance at the
airports doesn't make you feel safer either...

Even with the new federal updates with increases in the mandated maintenance of airplanes, and revamped replacement requirements of airplane fleets in the FAA, the United States - Federal Aviation Administration and abroad, at the British, CAA, United Kingdom - the Civil Aviation Authority...people still are afraid. Many people
that have a a deep seated fear of flying will not be helped by just knowing that the airlines are mandated to a higher set of standards.

No, even knowing all of this will not really help cure the fears of a person that is terrified of flying.

You feel scared of flying.

You might want to try to talk yourself out of these feelings of fear but they are deeply ingrained in you. Otherwise you could have "cured yourself of this fear long ago, right?"

Just the thoughts of feeling out of control and wanting to be in control is tough to deal with when you are on a plane and somebody else is the pilot and flying it!

Make no mistake, being afraid of flying is a terrifying feeling and most people never get over it or never seek help to get over it.

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"But you are different and you want help..."

You are sick and tired of the fear and want help to beat it.

Did you know that Charles Madison, the famous football commentator, that even
he is afraid of flying?

And he is so afraid of flying that he makes sure his schedule is setup up so he never has to fly!

Wow think of how his life is made more miserable and the amount of money he is losing, and how more difficult traveling is for him...since he is not able to fly!

Maybe you are in the same situation and you are in danger of losing your job.

Why? Because of your fear of flying. Or maybe you are afraid of flying and deeply wish your could get over your fear of flying since your daughter or son is too far away
to drive to see.

People have let their fear of flying cost them good jobs and even prevented them from visiting loved ones...

You might have started having a fear of flying due to a bad experience like:

feeling claustrophobic
feeling out of control
feel excessive tension, and nervousness when flying

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kates playground new video 2011 bad experience with the airline tickets or airline ticket staff
experience breathing difficulties in confined spaces
experience excessive anxiety with finding your flight or boarding
problems with your seating arrangement, hate being in the middle
have concerns sitting next to a rude or obnoxious passenger
problems with the onboard airline staff and restrictions
scared of being so cramped, sitting so close to others
feel uncomfortable, due to your size or height or disability
problems with the onboard airline staff
fears of turbulence and bad weather on the flight
afraid of take off or landing

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experienced problems with a long layover
fears of hostile event occurring during flight
problems with flight delays and cancelled flights
problems with rain and slippery runways or fear of icy conditions
problems with fog or several attempts to land

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that frightened you
airport congestion and traffic with long delays
problems with losing your luggage

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Your special problem __________. (you can list it here.)

Old memories may have been the cause for your fear...

Or any other number of fear related problems or risks related to the last flight you
had or someone else you knew had or even something you read.

You do not have to experience these problems yourself, just reading or hearing about
a problem flight can set you on edge and trigger your fear of flying.

You might be suffering from an old memory that caused you to feel smothered,
even if it was at a slumber party and someone pulled a sleeping bag over your head
and made you scared!

Or maybe you have been stuck hanging on a ladder and were too scared to come down... people can have bad experiences not even related to flying that can make
them feel unsafe in small enclosed places and surroundings that are similar to sitting in the passenger seat of an airplane.

"It does not matter where your fear of flying came from
it is REAL to you and I can help you get rid of it!"


Why do I know I can do this for you?

Because I have helped thousands of people get over their fear of flying and you can too.

What makes me so sure I can?

Well just read on and I will explain why I know can help you too.

I am a commercial airline pilot and instructor and have flown thousands of flights
and helped millions of people reach their destinations safely and securely.

But that is not the only reason why...

You see before I became a pilot,
I was a driving instructor.

Believe it! I had to eat and it was the only job available I could get.

"How your mind works and why I can help you
overcome your fear of flying..."

You know those fearless people (well at least you might think I am fearless) that are drivers training instructors. People that you feel are nuts because they put their lives on the line to train people on how to drive.

Now I had some really scary times as a drivers training instructor, so I know how you could feel being afraid of flying. I know how it feels to have someone else doing the driving and even worse, someone that is not skilled at sitting behind the wheel and driving down a road with highway traffic!

It is scary when someone else has the wheel (or in the case of a plane the pilot is
doing the driving) and you feel out of control and scared.

Well there were times I felt the same way as a driving instructor.

"You can help your mind be reprogrammed and
easily overcome your fear of flying..."

I had to develop my mind to feel safe when an inexperienced driver was behind the wheel and I was in the passenger seat. Just know that I had in me the power to feel safe, because I believed that I was training this person in the right way to think about and feel while driving.

That they were perfectly safe in the car and if they followed my directions they would learn to drive the car safely and soon effortlessly, almost without thinking.

So in the same way, I will show you how to think about being in a plane and taking
a flight, and make you feel in control just like you do when you are in your car and you are doing the driving.

So how does that sound to you? Good, right?

Let's get started.

You can discover the simple and effective ways to feel safe from the time you are first packing your luggage to go on the flight until you are safely back home after your flight.

You will enjoy the feeling of freedom. You will have

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discografia tito overcome your fear of flying
... guaranteed.

Never thought I would ever fly...

      "As a grandmother, I have lived though the many trials and have been able to over come many problems in my life. But my fear of flying was deep seated, and I thought I would never fly and never get over it. I was too scared to try.

      But my fear of flying was so difficult for me to bear, as I was so far away from my grandkids. They were on the coast and thousands of miles away. I knew I could not safely drive that far by myself.

I cried when I missed them and felt I would never see them again. Then my son sent me an airline ticket and asked me to come and see them. Now I had a reason to get over my fears. The book made me change how I felt about flying, and it helped me over come most of my fear. I admit the first flight was not easy, but it was worth it, and I was so happy to see my grandkids, more than I have been in years!"

Thanks for all your help,                

Anna Majors,
Troy, Michigan

Overcome Your Fear of Flying!

"Remember the first time you got behind the wheel of a car
and it was so strange and frightening to you?"

You probably thought you would never feel safe and at ease driving, right?

Now let's experience those feelings again...think back to the first time you drove a car, with your Dad, Mom or the Driving Instructor at your side, telling how to drive.

Scary isn't it?

they had to tell you when to put your signal on before turning, remember?

And they always warned you about looking both ways at a stop sign, right?

Well we are going to use a similar thought pattern to help you remember this type of training that you trained your mind to do to learn how to drive.

Later when you had passed your test for your driving license, you felt free and you knew you had the skills to drive.

But before that you were scared right?

"So, let's do the same thing with your fear of flying..."

If you are afraid of a certain part of flying then I can help you with that, or
even if the whole thought of flying just scares you to death...I can help you
overcome that fear of flying too.

Just know that you can beat this.

Thousands of people have that were scared of flying just like you, have overcome
their fears of flying
and you can too.

The real reason you are scared of flying is you associate the fear of flying with a
fear of being hurt, out of control, closed in or just plain scared.

Even if I told you how safe the airlines and flying are, it still would not make you feel safe.


Because that is not the problem.

Your brain is wired to think about flying like your would think about someone or something controlling you or trying to hurt you.

We need to change your thinking and change how you feel in order to reprogram your thoughts, feelings and reactions. We reprogram your mind, and then you will no longer feel the fear.

That is a simple thing to do when you know how.

I will show you how, the training is simple, fast, safe and very effective.

In other words...

it works!

The 7 Biggest Reasons Why You Have Just Run Out Of Excuses...
For Not Getting The Help You Need To Overcome Your Fear of Flying!


You need to fly to keep your job
You need to fly to feel in control
You need to fly to stop feeling claustrophobic
You need to fly to stop driving so much

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You need to fly to see your loved ones
  You need to fly to see exotic and far away destinations
  You need to fly and set yourself free!

I will guarantee you will overcome your fear of flying and it will take just a day or
two for you to be feeling better and your will overcome your fear of flying... 
even if you are petrified at flying.

If you are just a little uneasy about flying then you can be feeling better just minutes from now.

Fear of flying is a fear like claustrophobia... it can be worked with and your fears can
be cured.

I am here right now with the cure for your fear of flying

you can have this cure only moments from now.

Just think of it, how free and relaxed you will be and how good it will feel!

You won't be afraid of flying, forever!

You will also feel much more secure in tight, enclosed places and will really want to
tell all your friends how good it feels to be free of your fears too!

Take if from me, when I receive the happy testimonials from people that have just overcome their fear of flying and recently returned on their first flight after receiving my book.

Many people that read my book, had overcome their fear of flying, some had the
fear their whole lives!  Many were astounded at how safe, secure and comfortable they felt on their flight. They were so surprised they had to write, call or email me with the news.

Scared after a bad flight...

      "I had a flight that almost ended in disaster. I was on
a flight where one of the engines went out. The pilot was able to safely land the plane, but I was petrified of flying again.

      I had to fly for my job. The boss understood my fears, even agreed with me, but that did not stop the fact I had
to fly to keep my job. I searched the Internet and found your book. I am so glad, you helped me understand how a plane works, and why I really did not have anything to fear. Now I am back flying again and feel safer than I do driving my car!"


Don Adamski
Seattle, Washington

Afraid of flying because of 9ll...

      "I was very close to the catastrophe at 9ll.

     My wife and I wanted to go on a tour of Europe and
felt very unsafe with the current crisis in the middle east.
We decided to go to Paris and do the Western Europe tour...But we were still unsure, so we bought your book.

We are very happy we did, since it helped us understand more about how airports, planes and the whole system works. The information we received in the book was
not available online although we had searched for it.

We had a great time in Europe and want to thank you for writing the book, and helping us understand we did not
have to fear like we did."


Kathy Engles
Manhattan, New York

I'd love to hear your success story too!

So take the first step.

You can't deal with your fear of flying by just wishing it away...that won't work, instead let me help you recover from the trauma you have received, help you work with your fear, and set it to rest and get back on the right track again.

You can easily feel free of pre-flight worries. Once you read the book you will definitely feel safer and more in control and you will know that you are going to enjoy your next flight. You will be happily anticipating the fun you will have when you arrive at your special destination.

don't let your fear of flying hold you back.

Join the thousands of people all over the world that have overcome their fear of flying in just hours or in just in days.

You can stop feeling controlled by your fear of flying, starting today!

Right now, you can click the button below and get started on overcoming your fear of flying.

Do it right now, don't feel imprisoned by your fears... don't suffer anymore.

you can feel free and be enjoying your next flight to an exciting destination like Hawaii or even Europe! You can even go to see the grandkids again!

Act now...your freedom is waiting for you!


If the book, Overcome Your Fear of Flying is not everything that we say it is
and you are not completely satisfied with it, then we will refund every penny of
your money with no questions asked. I will rush you a refund, no questions asked.

That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise."

Free Bonus Book! Value $27.00

"How to Break Free From a Stressful Lifestyle!"

5 Ways You Can Deal With Stress, Anxiety and Even Panic Attacks...
Help for your your stress-filled lifestyle is right here:

Helps you identify stressful situations and how to avoid them
Self induced stress and how stress rules your life
The right way of dealing with stress and stress related problems
Tips to break free of stress and deal with stress-related problems

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When to seek professional help with your stress
  And much more!

You get this book free with your order the book

"Overcome Your Fear Of Flying!"

"Overcome Your Fear of Flying!"

And Get The FREE Bonus Book

"How to Break Free From a Stressful Lifestyle!"

Not $54.00 - Only $27.00 for both!
50% off - YOU Save $27.00!

Here's more success stories...

Problems with claustrophobia kept me from flying...

      "I was very claustrophobic, I was so afraid of small closed in places that I would even avoid elevators if I could.

     When I was offered a promotion but the promotion meant I would have to take taxis and fly in small private planes I almost didn't take the job. That would have put
my career in jeopardy so I knew I had to do something about my fears. I found your book, and let me tell you...
it just works.

    Simple and easy to do too. You saved my career!"


Mike Hanson
Atlanta, Georgia

"I could go on and on with stories like these, but here's the point.

You need to prove to yourself that you can experience your own personal miracle, you need to overcome your fear of flying today!

"So take action right now, while it's fresh in your mind."

"You and I already know that if you've read this far, you have a strong interest in overcoming your fear of flying. All that's left is you to take action to do it. Right now, while it's fresh in your mind, click the button below to get started on becoming free
of your fear.

Get ready for your biggest step toward your personal freedom. Why not use the same Proven sources to reprogram your fears and use it to be free to fly when you chose?

Order Now!

Overcome Your Fear of Flying!

Not $54.00 - Only $27.00 for both!


50% off - YOU Save $27.00!

Yes, Jason! I cannot wait to get started!
I want to fly to exotic destinations and see my grandkids!

Here's to enjoying your next flight!

Jason Jones

P.S. Now just picture yourself flying, calm, safe and confident. How does that feel to you? Great, right? So get that feeling now by clicking the blue button below.

P.P.S. Absolutely no risk to you, with my 100% money-back guarantee, you'll love the Overcome Your Fear of Flying book and Dealing With Panic Attacks or I'll buy them back, no questions asked.

P.P.P.S. I look forward to hearing about your success after reading my book. When you send me your email, I'll be bragging about YOUR success right here! 

This is the ONLY place you can get the "Overcome Your Fear of Flying book" and "Stress Management - How to Manage Your Stressful Life" so get yours right now, by clicking the blue button below.

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